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Our group is very dynamic. The main contributions to our research come from visitors and long-distance collaborations.

Project: "Prototype Selection from Streaming, Drifting and Partly Labelled Data Using Classifier Ensembles" sponsored by The Leverhulme Trust (RPG_2015_188).
Project: "Classifier Ensembles for Changing Environments" sponsored by EPSRC 2005-2007, (# EP/D0404X/1).


Lucy Kuncheva

Professor of Computer Science

PhD students

Sam Hennessey
started 2021,
"Semisupervised Ensemble

Frank Williams
started 2020,
"Constrained Clustering
for Streaming Data"

Former PhD students

Paria Yousefi
thesis, 2019,
"Keyframe Summarisation
of Egocentric Video"

Will Faithfull
thesis, 2018,
"Unsupervised Change Detection
in Multivariate Streaming Data"

Tom Christy
thesis, 2014
"A Psychophysiological
Acquisition Device
for Affective Video Games"

Catrin Plumpton
thesis, 2011
"Classifier Ensembles for
Streaming fMRI Data"

James Charles
thesis, 2009
"Image Analysis of
Microscope Slides
for Palynofacies Studies"

Zoe Hoare
thesis, 2007
"Feature Selection and
Classification for
Non-traditional Data"

Catherine Shipp
thesis, 2005
"A Study on Diversity
in Classifier Ensembles"

Ameena Al-Zaidan
thesis, 2003
"Mathematical Modelling
of Marine Environment
Contamination Using
Fuzzy Set Theory"

Visitors (Photos from 2019)


  • Artificial (classification and clustering)
    cone-torus • boat • half-ring • rotated checkerboard • noisy lines • 2 spirals • four gauss • petals • easy doughnut • saturn • difficult doughnut • regular
  • Real (medical, not in UCI)*
    laryngeal1 • voice_3 • respiratory • laryngeal2 • voice_9 • weaning • laryngeal3

  • *This data collection was put together as a part of the study on cluster ensembles under Royal Society Grant #15035 (2004-2005)