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Prof Ludmila Kuncheva
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, Bangor University
Dean Street, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 1UT, UNITED KINGDOM

Telephone: +44 1248 383661
E-mail: l.i.kuncheva at

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Fellow of IAPR
Feature article in IAPR's Newsletter, January 2015

Reviewing Revolution!!! - A personal opinion

Project: "Prototype Selection from Streaming, Drifting and Partly Labelled Data Using Classifier Ensembles" sponsored by The Leverhulme Trust (RPG_2015_188).


My research has always gravitated towards pattern recognition and classification. I have dabbled in almost all aspects of the classical paradigm: feature selection, classification, clustering, data editing, etc. I have a soft spot for multiple classifier systems (classifier ensembles), specifically ensemble diversity.

Recent topics

Restricted set classification (RSC)        Image Segmentation Feature Selection


Combining Pattern Classifiers. Methods and Algorithms, Wiley, second edition, 2014. Fuzzy Classifier Design, Springer, 2000.

ISBN: 978-1-118-31523-1
384 pages
October 2014
Combination methods

First Edition, 2004
Editorial Reviews

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Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks, 2019.

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A First Course in Mathematics for Computing, 2014. A MATLAB Exercise Book, 2020, Second edition.

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